Online Auctions

Our online auctions are the perfect solution for liquidating the contents of an estate.

Privacy: We do not allow customers inside the home like a traditional estate sale. Only our trained staff.

Efficiency: We have an item sale rate of 95-100% of all items we list in each auction.

Transparency: Sellers can follow the entire process since everything is viewed and purchased online.

Step 1. Initial consultation. We visit your location and plan the work to work the plan.

Step 2. Sign contract and set date for photography.

Step 3. Our team of specialists arrive at your location to photograph, catalog and upload your items for sale.

Step 4. Auction is advertised nationwide and runs for 10-14 days.

Step 5. Our team returns to handle the pick up of all items. Seller receives a check with a full report of all items sold.

We arrange for shipping, transport and delivery of all items for maximum reach (at no extra cost for you).